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Advertising Opportunities in the Pink Local Directory

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The most cost-effective way to advertise in your area

  • A free copy of the annual Pink Local Directory is distributed through virtually every letterbox in the local telephone dialling code area, both residential and business.
  • Fully comprehensive so kept and used the whole year through.
  • Business classified so your advert is seen when a buying decision is made.
PLD Advertising Hotline

Request information on our advertising opportunities or if you are a new local businesses
not already listed in the current edition of the Pink Local Directory, you can register on-line using this form.

The company has a policy of giving first refusal on advertising spaces to existing advertisers. With an 87% renewal rate, it means that there are only limited opportunities available for new advertisers each year. These are offered to those businesses that have expressed a prior interest in advertising and in the date order that they have registered that interest. Only if there are spaces left after that, are other businesses invited to apply for advertising space. Only locally based businesses are allowed to advertise in the Pink Local Directory. 'Locally based' means an address and landline telephone number local to the area of the directory. By keeping the Pink Local Directory local, it means that the Pink Local Directory is highly relevant to the local area and helps keep local money spent locally, thus stimulating more economic actively inside the local area.


Read some of the comments made recently
by locally based businesses about their
advertising in the Pink Local Directory.

“I moved last year and I could only include my mobile number in the advert. That number’s not advertised anywhere else. It's not even on my business card or van. Yet I've had loads of calls to my mobile and so I know they've all come from the Pink Local Directory advert.”

“The Pink Local Directory works very well. I shouldn't think a day goes by that I don’t get at least one phone call from my advert. I don’t need to advertise anywhere else now.”

“I get 90% of my business from my advert in the Pink Local Directory. The other 10% comes from referrals. I've stopped all my other advertising because it's just not worth it.”

“The branch had a change of manager last year and they missed out on an advert. The business is very keen on the Pink Local Directory and don’t want to miss out again this year.” (advertising agent).

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